Bruch Velich

That little extra snap, crackle, pop I felt in my shoulder sent shock waves thru out my upper left torso. It just kept growing as I drove home. I know it is just a start to growing that section even further but I’m so happy to have reached the point where all the openings up to now have finally made a difference and there is only more to come. Only my master teacher could have dug that far into a really messed up shoulder joint. I’m not as surprised at the pop as I am with what came afterward as all this tissue was released from bondage. I know it is only a start but at least I’m getting somewhere with it. It is still tight and always will be, but beginning to open, so the rest of the area can be strengthened and it only grows more from there. I always thought it would feel good to break my shoulder, because it just wouldn’t let go (it was stuck!) and that is basically what it felt like. Only Pure Joy! I’m not the crying type but I had to let a little go after that. I won’t ever have surgery and I can never have an MRI done to see what is there, now that the pacemaker is in there but I can do Gyrotonic and that is simply the best medicine in the world for me.

Barbara Schwarz is my master teacher because she accepted me for whom I was and what she had to work with. I was a project, but she relished in the chance to take it on and I couldn’t be happier for it. Her incredible experience and uncanny skill with the body wasn’t all she needed to take me on. It was her patience, desire and an amazing ability to break down every movement into the little pieces I could relate to, in performing the movements properly. With an incredible eye for detail as you are moving thru space; her corrections are spot on. The body likes to cheat but there is no cheating with Barbara teaching. Her teaching qualities are as good as it gets. So if you have a desire to explore Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis, you won’t find a better teacher. If you desire to teach, there isn’t a better teacher’s teacher. You will experience pure Gyrotonic with Barbara and I guarantee that. As I endeavor now myself, to teach the Gyrotonic Expansion System, I will always look to Barbara’s guidance as I strive to become the kind of teacher she is, so I can help others learn, enjoy and reap the benefits of Gyrotonic like I have. Barbara Schwarz is my master teacher and always will be. Thank-You Barbara!

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