Teacher Training

I believe…

  • …that teaching is more than giving choreography.
  • …that becoming a teacher requires layering understanding, communication, and compassion.
  • …that a good teacher should be able to break down and apply the system to anyone. Barbara Schwarz

When you take a training with me, it will have no more than 6 people in it. I believe that it is important during the trainings to really explore the movement in the students bodies. This enables the students to start understanding the essence of the exercises, and how to break them down if a person is not yet able to perform them in their final format- the most detailed version. When there are more people, this is not possible. Where better to  develop your eye for details, and discover your own current limitations than in a secure, safe, non-judgmental environment where learning is fun and stimulating. It only makes you a better teacher.

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