It is highly recommended to take these sessions close together to promote a more efficient learning and integration process.

Sessions are 1 hour. If, however, you are currently in pain, please arrange to consult with Barbara for length and frequency of sessions.  ALL PACKAGES EXPIRE WITHIN THREE MONTHS OF PURCHASE. There are NO refunds.

Session Packages

Single Private Session

A single private session to work on a specific issue or experience the work

1 session: $120

Meet Your Body

A package that allows you to experience the Gyrotonic method, and allows me to see and work on the major patterns of movement you have developed over time to protect the weaker areas.

3 sessions: $345

I’m Beginning to Understand

A package that allows you to start becoming aware through Gyrotonic exercise of your patterns of movement, and begin to feel the difference between those patterns and a new way to move without pain and tightness.

5 sessions: $550

Now I Get It

A package that gives you time to start incorporating the Gyrotonic Expansion System into your life and movement outside the studio. You can begin to develop the ability to listen to your body during activities and know when it is not “happy” and make appropriate adjustments.

8 sessions: $840

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