Barbara SchwarzAfter a theatrical career that included 6 1/2 years on Broadway, Barbara began her career in fitness as an American College of Sports Medicine certified trainer. Discovering Gyrotonic® in 1995, Barbara once again felt the passion and commitment that had served her so well in the theatre. She has single-mindedly dedicated herself to teaching the Gyrotonic Expansion System® and Gyrokinesis® to people from all walks of life and at all different levels of fitness.

With 25 years experience teaching this system, and certifications in  Rehabilitation as well as all the Specialty Equipment, Barbara has an eagle-eye for details, a down to earth, clear way of communicating the work, and the belief that fun should be an integral part of learning and movement.

A teacher trainer, she takes her job of developing teachers seriously. It is not just about teaching choreography, but understanding what each exercise is doing, developing the eye to see the issues on every different body, and having a deep enough understanding to break the exercises down for all skill levels.

Working with Barbara, students find Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis to be approachable, stimulating, a healing experience for their bodies, and of course, a joyful way to move.

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